The pristine ecosystem of the Kurovian Spit, a UNESCO heritage site on the Baltic Sea, serves as the inspiration for the  FW 2021/2022 collection. The muted color schemes of this Northern landscape illustrate that simplicity and complexity go hand in hand.  Evershifting white grains of sand merge with shades of blues and grays, embraced on all sides by an enchanting pine forest. Amidst the deep earthy colors, endless rolling dunes, and dark forest, tiny pink flowers peek through the landscape, as if to remind everyone to lighten up. In this eternal life cycle of shifting tides and dunes, Anne Cotler sees an allegory to the perpetual urban rhythms of humanity.  The simple lines and rolling contours of the FW 2021/2022 collection, the understated natural hues, present an offer to reconnect with the earth. And for those who are there to remind everyone to lighten up, there is a special surprise.

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