About Anne

Anne Cotler

Anne Cotler grew up in Moscow and relocated to New York City when she was thirteen. The move created a seismic shift in Anne’s perception and made a lasting impact on her personal development – radically pushing the boundaries of her views on culture, education, architecture, design, and style.

Art classes in a New York public school were an unexpected world of inspiration, quickly becoming a favorite subject. Anne’s teacher suggested applying to the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, to which she was accepted.

Shortly after arriving at LaGuardia, Anne was recruited by one of the top modeling agencies of the time. Experiencing this surreal confluence of art, photography, fashion, design, and the Supermodel culture of the early 90’s NYC was a spark that continued to burn and shape her worldview.

Yet life is always transitory, soon becoming increasingly challenging, and bringing Anne from the glamour of Broadway to the corporate IT industry where she worked for six years. It took many seasons, undying commitment, luck, and love to realize that a passion for design never left her heart.

That spark still burned brightly and Anne was ready to start over again, knowing this time there was no way to ignore this lifelong calling. In 2009, after moving back to a booming Russia, Anne opened her own design studio and atelier of luxury fur for the crème de la crème of Moscow society.

Anne’s designs, quality of fur, and craftsmanship were in a class of their own, and clients kept coming back. As years passed, the idea of measuring success in the amounts of harvested animals kept her up at night and weighed heavier with every collection. Finally, the breaking point came and Anne decided to walk away and go back to the drawing board.

The soft touch of a fur, lightness, warmth, and movement were the pillars on which the new incarnation of Anne Cotler would be built. Sourcing a unique eco alternative to animal fur, and establishing her brand of sustainable, chic, and sophisticated fashion in 2018, Anne Cotler launched the first commercial collection in late 2019.